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kumpulan video motivasi

The 8 Great Traits That Lead To Success

Purpose. Moment. Dream

If you never failed, you never live.

nick vujicik- a man without arms and legs. his disability is not his barrier to reach succesfulness in his life.

an inspirational video-the law of attraction

an inspirational video- dreams

an inspirational video- element of greatness

an inspirational video- unleash your giant

an inspirational video- life and risk

a motivational video- are you a leader?

an insprational video- rules for being human

a motivational video- never give up

a motivational video- determination

an inspirational video- 10 great motivational quotes

an inspiring video- real spirit

an inspirational video- believe in yourself

an inspirational video- never quit



1. ichwan setiadi - January 28, 2010

GREAT!!! Really really inspiring. It’s a kind of distinctive contribution. Thank you, brother, for compiling these outstanding movies.

2. catatanraufmendunia - January 28, 2010

ur welcome ichwan. thanks for came to my blog. if u really like the contents in my blog, u also can share it to your friends and colleagues.

3. farahzu - August 4, 2010

thank you sooooo muchhh rauuff…!!
I have been downloaded several 🙂

4. Ricardo Raúl Benedetti - August 11, 2010

Hello everyone here, I want to thank Media for publishing my video “You’re a leader? 22 keys to discovering your leadership.”
I am a writer specializing in human development, I made about 25 videos of motivation and leadership in Spanish, unfortunately I have only two translated into English. I hope to share them all to you promptly.

5. agung sammudra - September 6, 2010

it’s ok!!!!!!

6. Tio - September 13, 2010

Thank you, your blog is very nice.

7. afhiz - December 24, 2010

cara downloadnya gmn?

8. halid - January 25, 2011


catatanraufmendunia - April 2, 2011

sama-sama. kalau anda punya blog, boleh saya minta alamt blognya. mungkin saya bisa berkunjung ke blog anda. trims.

9. esa - February 28, 2011


catatanraufmendunia - April 2, 2011

sama-sama. kalu punya blog, boleh saya minta alamt blognya. mungkin saya bisa berkunjung ke blog anda. trims.

10. eshie hikmha - March 31, 2011

buat lbih bnyak video yg lbih menggugah
sajikan yg mmliki arti dan makna yg dlm

catatanraufmendunia - April 2, 2011

trimakasih untuk sarannya. nanti akan saya share video motivasi yang lebih banyak lagi di blog ini.

oiya, banyak artikel menarik yang bisa dibaca di blog saya. selamat membaca, dan minta kometar, kritik, dan sarannya yaa.

boleh saya minta alamat blog anda? mungkin saya bisa berkunjung kesana.


11. odji - April 8, 2011

ada yang pakai bhs indonesia ga mas ?

catatanraufmendunia - April 23, 2011

buat odji, saat ini videonya banyak yang memakai bahasa inggris. Sambil nonton video motivasi, kan bsia juga sambil belajar b.inggris. 2 keuntungan sekaligus. 😀

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